Securely message the way your patients and colleagues most prefer - with Doctoc’s
Medical Patient Text Messaging Service.
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We make it simple and secure for medical providers to text.

98.2% of patients would prefer to text their health care provider, but doctors can't just pick up
a phone and text. Doctoc’s Medical Patient Text Messaging Service enables clinics to add
texting to their communications mix. Get the functionality you want and full confidence that
HIPAA compliance and data security requirements are met.

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As an administrator overseeing three hospital clinic locations with multiple providers, I am impressed that the Doctoc system is easy to implement, improves our workflow, and our staff likes it.

~ Richard Wedig

Chief Clinic & Surgical Services Officer
Wickenburg Community Hospital
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HIPAA Compliant Texting In-Office

HIPAA compliant texting to make communicating within your clinic easier for doctors, medical assistants, and clinic staff. Everyone will be connected – whether they work at a desk at the office, from home, or are on the move.
  • Send and receive texts via the web portal or app.
  • Set up group messaging to facilitate team communication.
  • View and address other Clinic staff messages when necessary to avoid delays in returning patient messages.
  • Escalate important texts with color coding and sounds to mark them as urgent or stat.

HIPAA Compliant
Provider-to-Provider Texting

Healthcare is not provided in a vacuum. Providers need to be able to communicate with other providers – even at other clinics – to provide the best patient care.
  • Invite other clinics and/or doctors to text via Doctoc’s app at no extra cost.
  • Share and receive attachments to any text message including Images, EKG's, and X-rays.
  • Connect text messages to the patient's record in an EMR or patient database.
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Automated Patient Reminders

Only 18 percent of people listen to voicemails from numbers they don’t recognize. In contrast, over 90 percent of people read a text message within three minutes of receiving it. Patient reminders boost efficiency, and improve the patient experience as well as compliance. Phone calls have a role to play, but playing phone tag with your patients is a terrible waste of time. It's time to start texting your patients.
  • Text patient reminders via to improve on-time show-ups.
  • Text patient recalls to improve patient outcomes and to optimize revenue.
  • Text procedure preparation instructions – customized to each doctor’s preference – to improve patient compliance and outcomes.

Manage Every Text

Texting is fast and easy, but that doesn’t mean that the messages escape oversight. Doctoc’s Medical Patient Text Messaging Service provides functionality to manage every text.
  • Route texts via a communications tree, just like calls, based on your clinic workflow (for appointments press 1, for billing press 2, etc.)
  • Program the system to flag keywords that indicate an urgent situation.
  • Every text encounter is captured in the Doctoc dashboard and can be easily transferred to the patient’s EMR.
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Get the oversight you need to get your medical clinic’s communications under control.

The Doctoc dashboard gives you visibility on every communications encounter that touches your practice and reporting on how your team is performing on a clinical, departmental, and individual level. It will transform your entire communications system.

Promote Teamwork

Improve Accountability

Optimize Efficiency


Customer Testimonials

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As an administrator overseeing three hospital clinic locations with multiple providers, I am impressed that the Doctoc system is easy to implement, improves our workflow, and our staff likes it.

~ Richard Wedig

Chief Clinic & Surgical Services Officer
Wickenburg Community Hospital
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As a consultant to hospitals and clinics, I highly recommend Doctoc. The software is simple to use and the Doctoc team is easy to work with. In fact, everything is easy with Doctoc!

~ Jeff Russell

Chief Executive Officer
Cornerstone Business Solutions
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We have found Doctoc to be reliable well-designed software. The team at Doctoc is a pleasure to interact with, and is responsive to support and feature requests.

~ Paul M. Corsello, MD

Huron Gastro/Center for Digestive Care,
Ypsilanti, MI.

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